Student Life

The Students: 

Student enrollment is reflective of the demographic growth in Beirut. Currently different nationalities are represented in the student body. The majority are Lebanese with certain group of Armenian, Russian, American and French nationalities. Admission to AMJAD is by application, and is selective on language, science and mathematics. The Student Support Services include a Support System, Prevention and Early Intervention, and support for transition.

The students – faculty is approximately 24 to 1 in the pre-school with paraprofessionals in the kgs, 30 to 1 in the elementary and middle schools and 30 to 1 in the secondary school. Class sizes range from 25 to30 students all supporting a personalized environment where students have input into classroom instruction on a regular basis. The secondary program is both officially recognized and college preparatory sending 100% of its graduates to colleges and universities in Lebanon, United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

The Social Environment:

AMJAD strives to develop and maintain a healthy social environment within its campus, aiming at allowing its students to develop their interpersonal communication skills as well as their social behavior to enhance their ability to create value for students in a friendly controlled setting.

AMJAD pays special attention to extra curricula activities by offering career related events, field trips, weekend trips, intramurals and inter scholastic sports, as well as a strong activity program, partially scheduled after school day to enable fuller student participation.