In order that the statement of philosophy may be manifested in AMJAD educational program, AMJAD High School has adopted the following statement, which forms the specific objectives of this school.

It shall be the duty of AMJAD High School in its direction of all activities to:

  • Stimulate a spirit of inquiry that will lead the student to engage in learning activities throughout his/her life.
  • Develop the ability to think critically and independently.
  • Stress the importance of physical and mental health.
  • Stress safety consciousness and to develop sound safety practices.
  • Stress the importance of self-evaluation.
  • Provide all students appropriate opportunities to experience success by providing scholarships.
  • Develop a quality educational program. AMJAD High school is aware of the continuing need of revising its own system,               which is included in its philosophy, objectives and fundamental beliefs about education.
  • Develop an awareness of leisure time activities for personal growth and personal satisfaction.
  • Provide curricular and extra-curricular activities, which foster the development of service and leadership throughout life.
  • Develop certain understandings, attitudes, and basic skills that make the student an intelligent and productive participant            in economic life.
  • Develop awareness and respect for the rights and property of others.
  • Develop attitudes of open-mindedness, tolerance, responsibility, and loyalty in the conduct of the student’s personal,             family, school, and community life.
  • Develop an awareness to change; to anticipate it, to evaluate it, to adjust to it, and to benefit from it.
  • Provide students with the skills necessary to adapt to our developing technological society.
  • Develop an appreciation of our cultural heritage and an understanding of world cultures.
  • Consider international dimensions for education.
  • Provide a nurturing environment in which the students feel promoted for effective learning.
  • Encourage the students to achieve their highest potential in order to foster their desire for further education.
  • Aim the students to understand and respect other member of the society regardless of their creed, race, nationality or               gender.
  • Evaluate periodically the activities of the school to determine the extent to which they are meeting the needs of the                   student body.
  • AMJAD High School provides its various *services with empathy to all cultural heritages and expects any agency,                           organization or person with which it cooperates to adhere the same practice.