The Curriculum

The curriculum implemented at AMJAD reflects the American system of standards with specified benchmarks that interpret them in addition to the Syllabus Guide of the Lebanese Baccalaureate. The curriculum at AMJAD is standards based (Common Core Curriculum state content standards) and delivered by a qualified, caring and creative teaching staff for both English and Science from grades 1 to 6 concurrent to the program delivered from K to 12 adhering the Lebanese Ministry of Education. The French department develops its curriculum on competence based utilizing French imported books for French language and sciences. The rigorous curriculum is delivered in a healthy school environment providing individualized attention and support. Instructional framework is delivered in an eclectic form of strategies and methods to develop the crucial skills of the students which are not limed to offering classroom discussion, projects, research, group work and student proposed options. This provides our students to qualify them for university. In addition, the standards implemented serve to provide a prerequisite to the AP program and SAT I which will be taught and tested at AMIDEAST through ETS (Educational Testing Service) and College Boards. Similarly French department adopts the DELF assessment from grades 7 to 12 at the center Culturelle similarly to qualified, caring and creative teaching staff. This provides AMJAD students to qualify them for university. Such mentioned curriculum at AMJAD High School not only maintains motivated students to gain college level skills but it also provides college credits across all colleges and universities adopting the American syllabus (in the US, Europe and Middle east) while they are in AMJAD.

AMJAD is very closely to contract review since curriculum requirements are developed from community needs, parental expectations and Ministry of Education recommendations. The design output is reviewed to verify that basic competence and skills to be taught are consistent with the needs analysis. AMJAD controls its curriculum by criteria for personnel who design it. Hence, AMJAD prepares students to enter university and achieve success in standardized Lebanese official exams. As a result the program is both demanding and broad accommodating those who seek the Lebanese Baccalaureate (in General / Life sciences, Sociology and Economics).

By the 2nd cycle of the elementary and on words, students take both English and French.

By the end of the 3rd Secondary, a student is a required to have completed a minimum of 3 years of:

  • Arabic Language
  • Foreign Languages: English / French
  • Science to include Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • Math to include Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and Probability.
  • Social studies


  • Fine arts: Art / Drama/Music
  • Physical Education
  • Computer Literacy: promoting and developing a computer friendly environment making computer application an integral part of the student learning and development process.