Student Excellence

Second rank in Lebanon / Classement N°2 niveau national

Yasmine Jihad Alghareeb

Third rank in Lebanon /Classement N° 3 niveau national

Naseef Adnan Alhakim

Fourth rank in Lebanon / Classement N°4 niveau national

Shaden Hussein Jaffal

Fifth rank in Lebanon / Classement N°5 niveau national

Reem Hussein Hani

Sixth rank in Lebanon / Classement N°6 niveau national

Zeina Ghassan Ezzeddine

Seventh rank in Lebanon / Classement N°7 niveau national

Farah abdallah

Tenth rank in Lebanon / Classement N°10 niveau national

Soha Wael Jalloul

Fifth rank in Lebanon / Classement N°5 niveau national
General Sciences Secondary Certificate
Mohanna Hussein Mohanna

Life Sciences Secondary Certificate – Eleventh rank in Mount Lebanon/ Classement N°11 niveau national

Life Sciences Secondary Certificate

– Eleventh rank in Mount Lebanon

Kinda Issam Swaidan

Brevet Certificate – Ninth rank in Lebanon / Brevet -Classement N°9 niveau national

Brevet Certificate

– Ninth rank in Lebanon

Amani Khaled Naser

Brevet Certificate – Tenth rank in Lebanon Zainab Hashem Alhadi /Brevet Classement N°10 niveau national

Brevet Certificate

– Tenth rank in Lebanon

Zainab Hashem Alhadi

Brevet Certificate -Eleventh rank in Lebanon /Brevet Classement N°11 niveau national



AMAD has set Excellence in the official exams as a result of its healthy school environment providing individualized attention and support. The results below show the distinction and position of the students in their respective specialization across the Republic of Lebanon:

General Sciences

Year Section Name Rank in Lebanon
2004-2005 GS Haitham Zouheir El Hasanieh First
2006-2007 GS Salwa Ahmad Moussa First
2008-2009 GS Ali Youssef Awada Fifth
2009-2010 GS Rim Ghassan  Abi Ammar Third
2009-2010 GS Mostafa Mohamad Houmani Eighth
2009-2010 GS Mahmoud Ali Maziad Eighth
2009-2010 GS Abaass Emam Shokor Tenth
2010-2011 GS Rabih Hisham Mosleh Second
2010-2011 GS Mariam Khalil Ibrahim Fourth
2011-2012 GS Mhana Hussein Mhana Fifth
2012-2013 GS Rida Mohamad Chalhoub Fourth
2012-2013 GS Mariam Abbass Fares Eleventh
2014-2015 GS Zeinab Hashem El Hadi First
2014-2015 GS Mariam Ahmad Chalhoub Second
2015-2016 GS Hadi Abbass Kteish Eighth
2015-2016 GS Hussein Ali Chalhoub Ninth
2016-2017 GS Hassan Toufic Shkeir Fifth
2016-2017 GS Wiam Majed Baz Ninth
2016-2017 GS Hawraa Ibrahim Zaraket Tenth
2016-2017 GS Jad Ali Atwe Tenth
2017-2018 GS


Life Sciences

Year Section Name Rank
2002-2003 LS Nour Shawki  Zebian Sixth
2004-2005 Ls Ali Hussein Amin Sixth
2008-2009 LS Zeinab Hussein El Zein Eleventh
2009-2010 LS Nadine Hussein Amin Sixth
1010-2011 LS Mohamad Mahdi Mohamad Sleiman Fourth
2010-2011 LS Rana Ali Alaa El Dinne Tenth
2011-2012 LS Alaa  Houssam El Osta Tenth
2012-2013 LS Rim Hussein Amin Fifth
2016-2017 LS Mona Hussein BouKhdoud Ninth
2017-2018 LS


Sociology and Economics

Year Section Name Rank
2008-2009 SE Nadine Shawki Youssef Fifth
2008-2009 SE Diala faysal Hamdoun Ninth
2008-2009 SE Hala Mohamad Jaber Tenth
2009-2010 SE Omar walid Bou Fakherdinne Second
2009-2010 SE Imad Mohamad Hteit Ninth
2010-2011 SE Samaya Assad Mansour Second
2010-2011 SE Farah Mohamad Jamal El Shami Fourth
2010-2011 SE Rawan Hassan Ghamloush Seventh
2011-2012 SE Yasmine Jihad El Gharib Second
2011-2012 SE Nassif Adnan El Hakim Third
2011-2012 SE Shaden Hussein  Jaffal Fourth
2011-2012 SE Rim Hussein Hani Fifth
2011-2012 SE Zeina Ghassan Ezzdinne Sixth
2011-2012 SE Farah Nadime Abi Abdallah Seventh
2011-2012 SE Souha wael Jalloul Tenth
2012-2013 SE Jana Samir  hteit First
2012-2013 SE Dana Akif Hamdan Second
2012-2013 SE Dana jamil Yassin Fifth
2012-2013 SE Maya Issam Berro Seventh
2012-2013 SE Yara faysal Nasser El Dinne Eighth
2012-2013 SE Ali Hussein Ezz El Dinne Ninth
2012-2013 SE Farah Jamal Akel Eleventh
2014-2015 SE sara Ziad El Souki First
2014-2015 SE Razan Hussein Amin Second
2014-2015 SE Abir wael jalloul Third
2014-2015 SE Marwa Hussein Msheik Fourth
2014-2015 SE Yasmin Labib Abou Hamdan Eighth
2015-2016 SE Sara Marwan Mayass First
2015-2016 SE Sahar Mohamad Habboub Second
2015-2016 SE Nancy Samer Madi Fourth
2016-2017 SE Diala  Faysal Nasser El Dinne Second
2016-2017 SE Maya Mounir El Gharib Fourth
2016-2017 SE Sultana Hassan Noura Fifth
2016-2017 SE Jana Fawzi Mansour Jamal El Dinne Eighth
2016-2017 SE Fatima Yasser Ghanawi Tenth
2017-2018 S


Grade 9

Year Section Name Rank
2005-2006 Grade Nine Zeinab Hussein El Zein Ninth
2006-2007 Grade Nine Mostafa Mohamad Houmani Fifth
2006-2007 Grade Nine Nadine Hussein Amin Ninth
2006-2007 Grade Nine Cyntia Julia Fadi Ballout Tenth
2007-2008 Grade Nine Mariam Khalil Ibrahim Sixth
2007-2008 Grade Nine Rabih Hisham Mosleh Tenth
2008-2009 Grade Nine Kinda Issam Sweidan Eleventh
2009-2010 Grade Nine Rim Hussein Amin Fourth
2010-2011 Grade Nine Razan Salman Zein El Dinne Third
2010-2011 Grade Nine Dima Ali Khreiss Sixth
2011-2012 Grade Nine Amani Khaled Naser Ninth
2011-2012 Grade Nine Zeinab Hashem El Hadi Tenth
2011-2012 Grade Nine Elissa Salam El Jurdi Eleventh
2012-2013 Grade Nine Jana Hussein Doughman Seventh
2012-2013 Grade Nine Manal Ahmad Chalhoub Ninth
2012-2013 Grade Nine Hadi Abbass Kteich Tenth
2014-2015 Grade Nine Jana Abbass Kteish Sixth
2014-2015 Grade Nine Bashar Wiliam Zebian Eleventh
2014-2015 Grade Nine Rami Houssam Saker Thirteenth
2014-2015 Grade Nine Rim Youssef Karnib Thirteenth
2015-2016 Grade Nine Ghassan Hussein awad Eighth
2015-2016 Grade Nine Hiam Hussein Bou Khdoud Eighth
2016-2017 Grade Nine Alaa Ali Karim Fourth
2016-2017 Grade Nine Leen Ahmad Chalhoub Tenth
2016-2017 Grade Nine Hussein Mohamad Dirani Tenth
2017-2018 Grade Nine


National Inter School Folklore Dance overseen by Lebanese Ministry of Education


Year Group Rank
2008-2009 Elementary




2009-2010 Elementary




2010-2011 Elementary




2011-2012 Elementary Intermediate First


2012-2013 Elementary




2013-2014 Elementary




2014-2015 Elementary




2015-2016 Elementary


First with Distinction


2016-2017 Elementary


First with Distinction
2017-2018 Elementary




 National Inter School Art overseen by Lebanese Ministry of Education

Year Group Rank
2015-2016 Intermediate 2 First with distinction









National Inter School Basketball overseen by Lebanese Ministry of Education

Year Group Rank
2004 -2005 Varsity Champions    1   st
2005 -2006 Varsity Champions    1   st

Nike Championship

Varsity Champions    1   st

Lebanese International University

Varsity Champions    1  st

Model United Nations at the Lebanese International University


Nation Rank
2008 -2009 France Best Delegation
2009 -2010 U.S.A Best Delegation
20012-2013 Indonesia

Secretary General at the UN