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At AMJAD, all projects through team work.  This not only reduces the workload for the teacher, but emphasizes the importance of group work in the learning, understanding and doing of subjects.  The approach or research or project based learning is through;

  • Construction Projects: Students build something and focus on what they learned, demonstrate how it works, and explain how they would improve their product that they built.
  • Experimental/Research/Measurement Projects: Students design an experiment to study the effects of one or more variables on an object. Students model scientific procedures by presenting their results in a group report that should include: The Problem studied, Purpose, Method, Data, Results and Conclusion.
  • Search and Find Projects: Students select a topic (global warming, mission to planet, Mars,) or a scientist, and use primary and secondary resources to build a presentation board summarizing their findings. Students can make use of a variety of resources, including ICT.