Our School

Registered with the Lebanese Ministry of Education, AMJAD High School has been serving students and its community since 1997. AMJAD is located on the outskirts of Mount Lebanon along the Mediterranean Sea at the entrance of city of Chouifat. AMJAD became accredited in its English program in the International School Award with the British Council-Beirut  in 2012 and has continued to adhere to high standards and cutting edge education philosophy ever since. Once at AMJAD, students are expected to take responsibility to their education, determine their values. Nursery through Secondary program that include bilingual language, English and French, in addition to Arabic; the Pre-school includes three years, elementary includes six years, the middle school includes three years and the secondary includes three years.

Currently the maximum enrollment is set for 2681 students with 1398 males and 1283 females as AMJAD maintains that number throughout the year. All new students and their families participate in an interview style orientation process where they learn about the purpose, goals and program so they can make the decision if AMJAD fits or does not fit their needs. Students register in AMJAD for many reasons where the outcomes, goals and values of students’ needs are met. Currently  the total number of enrollment is divided as follows KG 543  with English at 415 and French at 128; Elementary( Grades 1-6) 1217 with English at 892 and French at 325 ; Middle School 519 with English at 384 and French at 135; Secondary 402 with English at 260 and French at 142. The secondary program is both officially recognized and college preparatory sending 100% of its graduates to colleges and universities in Lebanon, United States, United Kingdom and Canada.