Introduction To Amjad

Introduction To Amjad

AMJAD High School is an educational institution established in 1997 which is strongly committed to excellence in providing its community and students with the highest quality of education as well as the ideal environment required to acquire the necessary foundation skills and competency skills to succeed in the information age of the 21st century.

It also evaluates clusters of community concerns and strives to exceed community expectations.

Registered with the Lebanese Ministry of Education, AMJAD offers a Nursery through Secondary program that includes bilingual language, English and French, in addition to Arabic; the Pre-school includes three years, elementary includes six years, the middle school includes three years and the secondary includes three years.

The secondary program is both officially recognized and college preparatory sending 100% of its graduates to colleges and university in Lebanon, United States, Europe and Canada.

Health and Safety

AMJAD is strongly committed to the health and safety of its students and staff. All school policies are developed with the utmost consideration for health and safety, especially during transportation operations and extra curricula activities.

As a result, AMJAD complies with the security procedures by relatively insuring its personnel and students 24 hours a day.